We offer practical courses blending technical and business skills for farmers, farm workers, managers, dairy trainers and students to ensure profitable dairy enterprises.

Practical Dairy Training

The Academy undertakes multidisciplinary research and consultancy in Dairy Value Chain to address knowledge gaps in dairy science, technology and inform policy development

Dairy research and consultancy

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About African Dairy Academy

Despite the growth and benefits of the dairy sector, the industry still faces myriad of challenges from seasonality in milk production, milk quality issues, lack of knowledge and skills, sub-standard service provision and input supply, as well as high fragmentation of the supply chain and lack of inclusive business models. This therefore calls for the need for managers, students and farmers to refresh their dairy skills to meet the increasing demands of a more technical industry; and the ever increasing demands of production and value addition. The Academy offers business training and mentorship for dairy farmers and for those with a significant interest in working in the industry. It also strengthens the links between the dairy experts and offers opportunities to deliver a more comprehensive service to farmer and industry clients.

African Dairy Academy works towards strengthening education, research capacities and developing a platform for training in dairy sciences and strengthening innovations and businesses within the dairy sector. The Academy supports the respective African governments to address knowledge gaps and build on existing capacity and learning.

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Our Services

This Makes The African Dairy Academy A Focal Point Where All Dairy Value Chain Actors Come Together For:
Education And Trainings

ADA runs education courses for dairy farmers, students and other dairy industry clients. This will increase your knowledge and skills in management of your dairy cattle. Our seminars, courses, discussion groups and field days will give opportunities for you to extend and share the experience you have gained within the dairy farming industry.


We offer consultancy services on technical farm aspects of dairy while we focus on service delivery through advising farmers and their staff on quality feeds, fodder production, ration formulation and utilization, farm systems and set ups, dairy cow management, and dairy farm projection and analysis.

Research And Analysis

ADA engages in on-farm trials and research to augment the knowledge shared by the dairy industry as a whole. We collect and analyze data to establish reliable benchmarking that we use to keep our programmes relevant toa virtual and fast changing dairy farming environment. Our knowledge of the dairy industry constantly expands as we share experiences with other dairy specialists throughout the world as well as gaining information for our own research and analysis.

Dairy Workshops

ADA runs workshops and events that are aimed at assisting the farmers in the up-skilling both themselves and the farmworkers on both technical and non-technical aspects of dairy farming. Our workshop programme teaches the principles of cow and feed management in a classroom setting. These dairy farming workshops connect people, cows, feeds, dairy farms, facilities, performance and profits.

Farm Systems

Our ADA consultant team can determine the right farm systems for you and make it work consistently and sustainably. We will show you how to manage risks by building a robust system that will maintain the stamina to carty your farm business through the toughest seasons of the year.

  • Education And Trainings
  • Consultancy
  • Research And Analysis
  • Dairy Workshops
  • Farm Systems

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What we do

The African Dairy Academy offers dairy businesstraining and mentorship for dairy farmers, farmmanagers,students and other actors working in theindustry. It also strengthens the links between the dairyexperts and offers opportunities to deliver a morecomprehensive service to farmer and industry clients.The Dairy Academy also supports the respective Africangovernments to address knowledge gaps and build onexisting capacity and learning.

What we do:

  • Practical Dairy Training
  • Dairy research and consultancy
  • Innovations testing and dissemination toindustry

  • Knowledge exchange along the dairyindustry
  • Workshops and meet-ups


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African Dairy Avademy has achieved allot going by the numbers since its inception


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"To provide world-class education to the dairy industry, we rely on partners who are likewise devoted to lifelong learning. We are grateful for the work African Dairy Academy does in pursuit of the same goals.” Stakeholder 1

“We appreciate the content and perspective that we get from African Dairy Academy. It’s a great resource and provides a real value for our team and dairy farmer community in Kenya.” Stakeholder2

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